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Relocating, whether a home or office, is not a simple task. When moving there are a number of aspects to put into consideration and a variety of items to pack. Proper vehicles are also necessary to transport the items from your home to the new location safely and quickly. Packing your items may take you many hours, meaning you may have to take off time from your daily activities. However, the best way to relocate to a new place is to work with Taurus Moving’s  Mesa Movers, we are a full service, professional moving company.


Taurus moving is the #1 choice for Arizona residents seeking Mesa movers. Lets make your transition smarter, faster, safer and smoother.

Taurus Moving has movers in Mesa AZ which provide two vital services to moving: packing and transportation. Packing is all about securing your items so that they are orderly and safe during transportation. Transportation entails safely moving from your old location to the new one. Taurus Moving company takes care of your items right from the start to finish. However, the additional services are what make a moving company unique and necessary. So, what extras does Taurus Moving, movers in Mesa AZ, offer you?

1. No Hidden Fees

You don’t pay extra beyond the normal rate for bulky or heavy items you need to transport apart from the normal hourly rate. This is not the only benefit you get; you also don’t pay any extra for disassembly or reassembly of your furniture as well as disconnection and connection of home appliances. The rates charged are the same whether it is a Monday or a Saturday, morning or evening.

However, there are times when special equipment may be needed to transport some of the items. If that situation arises, then exceptions to the rule are made upon discussion.

2. Work With Experienced Handlers

The people assigned to your moving task are not just random people picked off the street. These are permanent employees that have been handpicked due to the qualifications and experience. The handlers understand what you need as a client and are ready to make sure your items arrive at the destination intact and on time. Some of the advantages of working with such staff are timeliness, strength, trustworthiness and being thorough. This comes in handy when you need a smooth, seamless transition.

It therefore comes as no surprise to find all workers carrying workers compensation. This means that in case of any injury during the move, you aren’t held responsible in any way. The company also has property liability that covers for any damage during the move. Taurus Movers are regularly trained in new techniques as well.

3. Enjoy Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling for a move with Taurus Moving, Mesa movers is as simple as picking your phone and making the call. You don’t have to pay a deposit before you book the movers. Better yet, there is no cancellation charge in case you wish to postpone or cancel the move totally. However, you need be in constant contact with the representative to communicate any changes in advance.

Moving can be as simple as a shift from one house to another in the same locality or as hard as moving across states. It may seem so simple and straightforward but without proper packing and transportation, it may cause you a major headache. This is why you need to trust your items with Taurus Moving, movers Mesa AZ, to get you to your new destination quickly, safely, and at a more affordable price.

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