Taurus Moving, Has Gilbert Movers That Make Relocating A Breeze

If you are moving from one place to another then you need to invest in the right movers. This makes the whole process that is normally chaotic and tedious, smooth and stress-free. As you well know, life is unpredictable, and anything can happen when your goods are being moved from your old residence to your new one. By choosing the wrong mover you run the risk of theft, damaged goods, unprofessionalism or many other hurdles. This is why you need to work with Taurus Moving, movers in Gilbert Az, who have been in the business for over 10 years, perfecting their craft, and who understand your needs.


Taurus moving is the #1 choice for Arizona residents seeking movers in Gilbert Az. Our specialty lies in making your transition smarter, faster, safer and smoother.

Relocating can be mentally draining whether as an individual, or moving as a family. Let the expert movers in Gilbert AZ, Taurus Moving, handle the dirty work. Working with experts assures you that the move will be done seamlessly.  We provide a full service packing option, and offer professional movers  who handle the entire process, your property is intact at the new residence and everything has arrived on time.

Some of the reasons the city of Gilbert chooses Taurus Moving:

1. Pay a Flat Rate

Many companies out there will charge you more according to the time or the size of the item being moved. You don’t have to worry when it comes to Taurus Moving, Movers Gilbert AZ — you pay a flat rate whether you are moving heavy furniture or light furniture or light furniture and not matter what time of day or evening. Relocating can be expensive especially if you are moving everything to a new residence which is a long way off. A flat rate means you can move successfully without breaking the bank.

2.  Payment Options

Taurus Moving accepts MasterCard, Visa, Cash or Check.

3. Have Your Property Handled by Qualified Workers Only

Workers used in the moving process contribute a lot to the outcome of the whole move. This is why the workers used are recruited carefully and undertake ongoing training to make sure they understand everything they need to make the whole process a success. Most of the training is performed on the job to teach new techniques and enhance the new ones.

4. Cargo Insurance Policy

Anything can happen during the moving process.  This is why the company carries a $50,000 cargo insurance policy, which is meant to cover catastrophic situations. In addition to that, the company also carries a Worker’s Compensation policy and a liability policy.

Get Free Quotes

Most of the typical moves can be quoted directly over the phone after offering some details about the items to be moved and the distance to be traveled. However, if your home is large or the move complicated, then an in-home estimate is necessary.

Call Taurus Moving today, to see how we can assist in your move!

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