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The thought of moving into a new house in a different neighborhood can be quite exciting, particularly if you have stayed in the same house for a lengthy period of time. With moving comes the logistical challenges of transporting your furniture, boxes, equipment, electronics and family, safely.


Taurus moving is the #1 choice for Arizona residents seeking Phoenix AZ Movers! 

Moving can be a bit hectic, particularly if you have an entire house full of items in tote. To complicate things further, there are numerous half-baked companies which offer you exceptional services only to underperform or even con you out of your valuables along the way.

For those of you seeking reputable movers in the Phoenix area, you stand to benefit by seeking the services of Taurus Moving. The reason our company stands out from the rest of the companies within the moving industry, is due to the fact that we deliver what we promise. All of the time every time.

Unlike other companies, with Taurus Moving, you and your belongings are treated with the utmost care and respect. The workers handle your goods in the same manner they would handle their own belongings. This way, you can rest assured that everything will arrive the same way it was picked up, from your glassware and dishware, to your plasma television and furniture.

Another characteristic of this company which makes it dwarf its competitors is the fact that they do not charge anything above the normal hourly rate for any large items. If you have any heavy goods, do not worry as they too are considered as part of a regular move and not as a flat rate job, which is a plus if you have really heavy items.

With Taurus moving, there are no hidden/extra costs such as charges for stairs, heavy pieces, disassembly and assembly of furniture, connection and disconnection of your appliances (except for appliances using gas) lengthy walks, shrink wrap, usage of blankets, date/time of the month/year (the rates are always constant throughout the year as there are no peak and off peak hours/days/months).

On the other hand, special arrangements can be made for transport of single items as well. For instance, if you require moving a particular piece or good(s) which are fragile or extremely heavy and you need it transferred by itself, or require specialized equipment. The price ranges from one instance to the next, and will be evaluated on a per piece basis. We tailor every move uniquely to our clients.

With Taurus Moving, you stand to save money as they conduct their business at an optimal price range.

This is achieved in ingenious ways, such as not charging you; the client, fuel surcharge, unless you are planning on moving out of town, or maybe the moving process involves lots of driving for long periods of time.

We accept several forms of payment, so as to accommodate each and every single client. You can pay through check, cash, Visa and MasterCard . So, the next time you are planning on moving,  give Taurus moving, your Phoenix AZ movers, a call.


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