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Aside from packing, the whole moving process itself is the next most daunting task in relocating. Whether you are moving to a new house, or you are moving to a new office, there are so many items that you will have to transport that are both small and large.


Taurus moving is the #1 choice for Arizona residents seeking Queen Creek movers.

This company does charge extra if you require very heavy items to be moved, in the case that it is not a flat rate project or if it is not part of the actual move. However, it will be worth every penny that you spend. Taurus Moving usually does not disconnect and reconnect furniture and gas appliances. Unlike the other moving companies out there, they do not charge extra for dealing with stairs or heavy items. Also, they have access to facilities that help with moving specialized equipment, and you would pay an additional charge for moving it.

The client would be required to pay for one hour of travel time at least, and if they are moving out of town and a great deal of driving is necessary, extra charges would be levied. The rates for weekdays and weekends are the same. If you are looking for day or late evening moves, then you must set up an appointment in advance.

Like the majority of Queen Creek movers, Taurus Moving accepts checks, Mastercard or VISA, and cash of course. The staff at this company communicates well with their clients, and they handle belongings with the utmost caution and care. They possess property liability and Worker’s Compensation policies. Clients who seek commercial moves may have their property added to the certificate of insurance, which will be provided to the property manager.

Some of the reasons people choose Taurus Moving over other Queen Creek movers, is that we are great with handling, wrapping, packing, loading, and unloading items such as furniture.

Training is given to staff members occasionally, to ensure that they do things right every time. Even though you can trust Taurus Moving to carry out your moving successfully, they will do everything in their power to make sure that they handle any issues justly and fairly, should any arise. They have a $50,000 cargo insurance policy to cover any catastrophic events that occur.

There is no cancellation policy available through Taurus Moving, and they also do not require a deposit for you to fix a moving date. For your convenience, they do offer free quotes. Considering how many benefits you can take advantage of with this moving company, you should choose them to handle your next move. They will not let you down, either in terms of customer service or moving your items respectfully and carefully. Contact them today to receive a free quote to estimate how much your move will cost.


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