Frequently Asked moving Questions from Taurus Moving - Serving the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

How do you know how to choose a moving company?

Q. Is your moving company licensed?
A. There is no licensing available or required for moving companies in Arizona. A moving company that tells people they are licensed does so to install a false sense of security. Taurus Moving is however a legitimate company, registered in good standing with the Arizona corporation commission and have been registered under the same business trade name since inception.
Q. Does Taurus Moving charge by the piece, room size or hour?
A. On a normal job that entails a full move, there is an hourly charge, and the hourly rate is based upon how many men are on the job (i.e. two men, three men, etc.). We do however perform jobs on a per piece or flat rate basis if it only entails moving a couple of pieces such as just moving a safe or piano. The flat rate is based on the circumstances of that particular job.
Q. Does Taurus Moving have a minimum charge? How do you charge after the minimum is met– in 15-minute increments or every half hour?
A. We do have a minimum for jobs that don't fall under the flat rate “just a piece or two” category. We have a minimum two hours plus one hour trip charge. We do charge by the hour. Time starts when we show up and open the truck and stops when we are fully unloaded and the equipment is back on the truck. We charge in 15 minute increments once the minimum is met.
Q. Does Taurus Moving charge extra for larger items such as piano, organ, safes, or any extra flights of stairs to move items on?
A. We do not charge extra above and beyond our normal hourly rate for large items or heavy items granted they are part of a regular move and not a flat rate job. We do not charge extra for stairs, heavy pieces, disassembly or reassembly of furniture, disconnection or reconnection of appliances (although we will disconnect gas appliances we will not reconnect them), long walks, shrink wrap, use of blankets, time of day month (We don't have prime time rates—they are the same no matter what time of month or week). Of course there are a few exceptions like if someone wants a unique or particularly heavy piece moved that requires specialized equipment then an additional charge may be assessed but that is on a case by case basis and only if needed.
Q. Is there a travel time fee, from your office to my home?
A. There is a one hour trip time that is charged to cover travel time and in most cases fuel. We usually do not charge a fuel surcharge unless it is an out of town move or there is a particularly large amount of driving involved in the move i.e. Queen Creek moving to city of Surprise.
Q. Does Taurus Moving charge extra for moves in the evenings or on the weekends?
A. I do not charge extra for moves on weekends. I normally do not charge extra for late day or evening moves provided it is a move that is scheduled in advance. If it is a last minute evening move them a small surcharge that is agreed upon may apply.
Q. What payment types does Taurus Moving accept?
A. I accept checks, cash, Visa and MasterCard as payment.
Q. Do you have full-time employees or do you use temps and day labor? (Legitimate moving companies are careful to hire full time workers, due to the insurance laws and workers compensation that needs to be in place.)
A. Our workers are full time or part time workers but they are OUR workers. We do not hire temp workers or day laborers. Taurus movers are not laborers, they are professional skilled movers. There is a difference. We know how to handle furniture and belongings correctly and carefully so as not to damage anything.
Q. Do you carry Worker's Compensation for your employees?
A. We carry Worker's Compensation. We also carry a property liability policy. In the case of a commercial move we can add a property to our certificate of insurance and provide that certificate to the commercial property manager.
Q. What kind of training have your movers and drivers completed?
A. Taurus movers receive training by the owner/ operator and senior-staff on how to properly wrap, handle, carry, pack, and load and unload furniture. Most training is done on the job and training is a constant and ongoing process. You can never know too much and new situations and new circumstances always seem to pop up.
Q. Are items insured during the move? (Even if a mover is bonded and insured, it doesn't mean that your items are covered during the move. Some states require that a company put a valuation of 60¢ per pound of coverage.)
A. We have a 50k cargo insurance policy but that is more for a catastrophic event such as my truck blowing up or catching fire while full of someone's stuff. My policy is that if something is broken or damaged due to being mishandled or blatant negligence on our part them I will do what is needed to remedy the situation in a fair manner. If it means replacing a piece of glass or fixing a piece of furniture then so be it. No one is perfect and accidents do happen but they are rare if you handle things properly to begin with.
Q. What kind of cancellation policy do you offer? (You should always be able to cancel or postpone until a few days before your move.)
A. We do not have a cancellation policy. If you call us the day before and need to reschedule for some reason then so be it. Although rescheduling would be limited to availability. We do ask that if your move date is not firm then we stay in contact so that we can schedule accordingly.
Q. Do you offer free moving quotes?
A. We do offer free quotes. Most normal moves can be quoted over the phone. However for larger homes or more complex moves (such as hillside homes, out of town moves, etc.), or jobs where packing is involved an in home estimate is usually required. However keep in mind that an estimate is just that, an estimate and the actual job could take longer or be shorter if the original circumstances of the job change.
Q. Does Taurus Moving have any personalized suggestions on how to make the move easier?
A. Be prepared, be packed and ready to go. If it can fit in a box them put it in a box. Do not water plants for up to 3 to 4 days prior to your move date. Make sure animals are secure for your move date (maybe small children too!). There are many tips and tricks we have acquired over the years of moving we have embarked on.
Q. Is there a contact number for the day of the move should any challenges arise?
A. Yes, any of our clients are free to call #602-758-4832 for any assistance or recommendation they should need during their moving process.