Useful Moving Tips and Tricks

Taurus Moving, Packing Tips and Tricks for efficiency

The best packing advice we can give, first and foremost is to have us do your packing! We are the experts who have all of these moving tips and tricks under our belts. We are happy to take care of all of your packing needs.

  1. Pack breakables and heavier items in smaller boxes (ie: dishes, china, books, etc.)
  2. Fill boxes to the top but don’t overfill them.  If you don’t fill them they may crush when stacked.
  3. All bedding and pillows can be packed in garbage bags. There is no need to waste boxes and the filled bags act as good top filler when loading the truck.
  4. Try to use standard sized moving boxes and liked sized boxes, using a wide variety of different sized boxes makes it harder to load and unload.
  5. Mark your boxes with the location that you would like them placed (which room you want them in) and mark them on at least one side so that we can see where they go when in a stack.
  6. We do not pack matches, lighters, or and flammable /combustatible liquids.
  7. We can not transport fuel, propane tanks, corrosive chemicals, or flammable liquids.
  8. Personal items such as medicine, checkbooks, jewelry should be transported by the customer.
  9. When packing and moving candles try to pack them all together in the same box.  If moving in the summer transport the box of candles yourself so they aren’t sitting in a hot truck.
  10. Keep sandwich bags handy so that we can use them to keep parts for disassembled furniture (screws, fittings etc).
  11. Pack one area at a time….don’t pack a little in this room then a little in that room. It will feel as if you haven’t done anything. By completing one room at a time it is a psychological lift knowing you have accomplished a whole room.  Moving is stressful enough and any psychological advantage is helpful.

Be prepared! The more prepared you are the less time it will take us, and time is money.

Moving Tips and Tricks to avoid a moving nightmare

  1. If you have a stereo system, media center, or any other complicated electronic setup, take pictures of your electronic components’ wiring before you unhook them so you know how to reconnect them.
  2. Get rid of the junk you don’t need or don’t want!  Moving is a great time to clean out old stuff. It makes no sense to pay a mover to move stuff that you are just going to throw out anyway.
  3. Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the day before to higher a moving company.
  4. If possible try to arrange to have young children and pets out of the line of fire on moving day.  It will make our job easier and less dangerous for kids and pets.
  5. If storing your belongings, make sure refrigerators and freezers are defrosted and dry. They must be stored with the doors cracked open to prevent mold and mildew from growing while in storage.
  6. In Arizona especially, pay attention to whether or not your storage unit is “air -cooled’ or “air conditioned”. Air cooled is just a swamp cooler that adds humidity to the stored environment and doesn’t really keep it cooled and can damage your goods.
  7. Try to avoid using out door garage style storage lockers during the monsoon dust storm season. They are not sealed very well and your belongings will become filthy.
  8. Make sure that your storage facility has operating hours and access hours that are reasonable and convenient for you.
  9. Multistory storage facilties usually have cheaper rates for units that are not on the ground level. However you may pay slightly more for the movers having to use the elevator.